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My Tribute to a D-Day Hero

When it came to the dedication of my first novel there were several people in my life who I wanted to thank, and for book number one, I chose my Uncle Ivor (he's technically my great uncle), who has been Read more [...]

Writer’s Block has a shut-off valve

What are you scared of? [I'm now poking my virtual finger into your chest] That's right, you heard me. I remember the first time I played my guitar on stage and the overwhelming anticipation that built Read more [...]

How to write a novel 101: Pacing

In my earlier post about prose I had compared a novel to a ladder, and said that it was your job as a writer to keep the reader motivated to step up to the next rung. Prose is the first tool in your chest Read more [...]

How to write a novel 101: Point of View

Point of View is an aspect of writing I hadn't considered as a reader, but once you get started revising your novel you realize how important it is to get right. Most of the novels I read are written in Read more [...]

How to write a novel 101: Prose

The words we use and how we compose them on the page are the building blocks for your novel. If you think of a novel as a ladder, it's your job to keep the reader motivated so (s)he will willingly climb Read more [...]

How to write a novel 101: Intro

I have to assume because you're reading this post that you've decided that you want to try your hand at writing a novel. A few years ago I was in that same place, and if I knew now what I did then, I'd Read more [...]